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Local's Suggestion
Linda  Z.
Did you know that Salzburg is considered as a popular tourist destination in Europe? So explore my city during the Salzburg festival in summer and be in the concerts and theatre performances. Visit the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Hire a guide who will take you to the most popular places and give you unforgettable moments. Enjoy your every moment being in Salzburg!
Linda Z.
What Travelers Say
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Maria Oletta
Great tour! A visit to Mozart was incredible especially in the evening. Our guide was very knowledgeable. He showed us the most popular landmarks, museums, parks. Our trip was complete due to Ella.
Maria Oletta
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Anya  Orlov
Last year was a really perfect period for me. We visited Salzburg. Amazing city with all its landmarks, attractions, places. Salzburg zoo was one of the entertaining places. Every tourist should visit this awesome place. There were many types of animals- wolves, bears, horses, birds and etc. It’s an enjoyable place not only for kids, but also for adults. Good looking place with natural and picturesque landscape.
Anya Orlov
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Fun Facts
The Salzburg Festival is a famous music festival which attracts people during the months of July and August each year. A smaller Salzburg Easter Festival is held around Easter each year.
Travel Information
Weather/Best Time to Visit
Salzburg's trams and buses operate on the same ticket system. Tickets cost €2.10 for a single journey if purchased from the driver or €1.90 if you buy from a ticket machine or Tabak stand. Salzburg’s bus taxis cost €3 per trip and run nightly along 12 fixed routes. Just a small advice Salzburg is the kind of city that really should be explored on foot.
Weather/Best Time to Visit
Weather/Best Time to Visit
In Salzburg weather is good from early April to October. July and August are very hot. The peak season is July. Salzburg festival happens in the end of July. August is considered to be the best time to visit especially if you happen to be a culture addict. At this time the whole town becomes a cultural venue where plays, operas and musicals are staged. 
Tips before visiting
Tips before visiting
Getting Salzburg Card, you can visit a lot of museums and sights, also get free admission to all of the city’s attractions such as visit the birthplace of Salzburg's most famous son - the Mozart museums, the castle, Helbrunn Palace. You can also ride on public transportation for free. It’s a great deal!
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