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Andy Hunt
I know it sounds cheesy but when I go to watch football in a bar in Týnská with my mates, I walk from the metro station and through Old Town Square. Even after living here for 11 years I’m still so impressed by Týn Church and Old Town Square.
Andy Hunt
What Travelers Say
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Jana  M.
Our guide Erin was amazing! She was She really took us to the off beaten paths and at the end of the tour to an amazing local place for a great dinner!
Jana M.
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Daniel  Keller
Prague is WONDERFUL! The amazing architecture makes you fall in love with the city again and again! I really want to come back to this city.
Daniel Keller
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Lisa  Jay
Well, I love beer! So, I love Prague! Lol ! Make sure to ask your local to include some beer in your tour! You will not be disappointed!
Lisa Jay
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Michelle  K.
I went to Prague with my husband for our honeymoon! We hired a local, her name was Teresa, and asked her to organize a romantic trip for us. Everything she did was amazing, especially the dinner we had at the rooftop, with the beautiful view of Prague.
Michelle K.
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Fun Facts
It is not uncommon for drinkers to get started as early as 11am with city walking beer tours and classic pub crawls being very popular.
Travel Information
Weather/Best Time to Visit
The best way for getting around shorter distances between neighborhoods in Prague is the tram with its full service from 5am to 12.30am; limited service through the night. For longer distances the metro would be a better option, it runs from 5am to midnight. Buses are also a good choice in areas which aren’t covered by tram or metro. You can buy tickets in metro stations, from ticket machines at tram and bus stops, and from grocery shops, newsagents and kiosks. Tickets bought for one mode of transport are transferable to another.
Weather/Best Time to Visit
Weather/Best Time to Visit
Your best chance of nice weather is in late spring and early fall, (in the second half of May and the months of June and September). The weather is often quite pleasant then, with temperatures in the 20s°C/70s°F, sunny or partly sunny skies, and mild evenings. If you like it hot, you should visit in July and August.
Tips before visiting
Tips before visiting
Weather can change dramatically within minutes so consider wearing layers. Most cafes in Prague do offer free Wi-Fi but if you need a data plan buying a local sim card is probably cheaper than roaming, the offers of the three main cell operators (O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone) are nearly identical.
Electric: Type C and E, 220-240 Volts
Language: Czech
Currency: Czech koruna (CZK)