Localz is made up of group of dedicated professionals from Armenia, who are willing to change the way people travel and make a better relationship between travelers and locals. The goal is to give the traveler an opportunity to have an experience of a local discovering all the hidden places of their destination. Localz provides very large and diverse group of tours – started from simple sightseeing to once in a lifetime experience like going deep into the world’s oldest caves. The main goal is to give the traveler a chance to choose any tour; any tour guide and feel like a local.

The fact that we are a group of travelers who love to experience all the possible things influenced Localz a lot. We wanted to make the travelers feel like they belong to the country they go. Being inspired by this thought we started to create the application and introducing it in different competitions. Everyone loved the idea and we won a grant

Localz not only wanted to let the tourist have a great experience, but also create a marketplace for tour guides. The tour guides we have are the people who are proud of their country and make the tourist fall in love with it by showing them the most hidden and unknown parts of the country.

By launching the beta version in September Localz already has about 100 registered tour guides and about 50 satisfied tourists. The ability to customize the tours and have a real experience of a local attracts many tourists.

We are continuing to offer our services to worldwide tourists assuring that they have the best vacation of their lives.