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Local's Suggestion
Alexcia Iyer
Take a private Galle tour and experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Sri Lanka. Discover Galle riding bicycles instead of taxis or buses and explore the town outside the fort to get a real feel of the whole city.
Alexcia Iyer
What Travelers Say
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Amanda D
Being in Galle I noticed that there are many enjoyable things in life. It was very interesting to see how people do fishing like that. That was really impressive. I wish to have another chance to visit Sri Lanka again!
Amanda D
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Andrea  Cole
We went to see the Japanese Peace Pagoda- calm and quiet religious place. The view from there was stunning. Our guide Marian was very clever and explained us everything about that place. Pagoda is really amazing and is worth to see!
Andrea Cole
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Fun Facts
Hoppers (Aappa) is a popular snack that is enjoyed by both residents and tourists. They are similar to pancakes and are usually served with egg or honey and yogurt.
Travel Information
Weather/Best Time to Visit
Transportation in Galle is easy to avail. Roads and local rails are the best way to move from one point to another in Galle. The best way of transportation that you can take all the time you need is a cab or a taxi for a fixed period of time from the hiring agencies. Taking local bus is another way of transportation in Galle! Local Transport in Galle is quite easily accessible. There are many different modes of transportation within Galle like Car, Train, Bus & Taxi.
Weather/Best Time to Visit
Weather/Best Time to Visit
Galle is mostly hot and dry from December to February. Temperatures vary between 29 to 31 degree Celsius. Spring is the best time to visit Galle. The weather from February to April is pleasant and suitable for beach activities. May to September are the wettest months in Galle. The temperature falls down especially in fall! However, it gives such a good calmness!
Tips before visiting
Tips before visiting
Streets inside Galle fort never make you tired. The best part is the sunset view by the sea. Food is something you can never forget when talking about Galle fort. Galle is a wonderful place to stroll round some of Galle’s history and enjoy a meal and drink in a mix of classic and modern cafe/restaurants, hotels.
Electric: Type D, M and G, 230 Volts
Language: Sinhalese
Currency: Rupee