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Take the Ashtarak City Tour – one of the most important cities of Armenia in both economy and cultural life. Visit Karmravor, Spitakavor and Tsiranavor churches and the beautiful history how the churches were built. Go down to Kasagh Gorge and discover 17th century bridge. Get to the other side of the gorge to see the old bath of the city. And finally visit famous Armenian writer’s Perch Proshyan’s house museum to lean about his history and enjoy the beautiful performance of Armenian folk groups situated in Ashtarak.

Request to get quotes and have unforgettable memories while learning about Armenian culture and architecture in one of the greatest cities of Armenia.

  • Discover Karmravor church – the only building with well preserved roof from medieval Armenia
  • See the wonderful 17th century bridge with 2 arches not equal in size in Kasagh Gorge
  • Get closer to local culture while enjoying the performance of Armenian folk group from Ashtarak