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Did you know that the vintners used their feet to press the grapes in the clay basin, the juice of which would then drain and remain ferment until being stored? Find out this and many more by taking a wine tour to great wineries – ArmAs and Armenia Wine. 
Spend your day in a beautiful countryside, which also includes vineyards, orchards and an amazing winery. Taste the delicious wines and just have a pleasant time enjoying the beautiful nature of Armenia. 
Get a chance to enjoy the spectacular view of one of the high altitude freshwater lakes of Armenia located in the slopes of Mount Aragats. Visit Byurakan and try to stay till the evening to be able to admire the beautiful view of the sky with numerous stars. 
Request the tour and let us help you enjoy your rest in a beautiful and impressing nature while enjoying the great taste of Armenian wines. No obligation! 100 % money back guarantee. 
  • Taste the variety of delicious Armenian wines in beautiful vineyards
  • Visit the highest peak of Armenia and enjoy the beautiful view of high altitude freshwater lake
  • Enjoy the miraculous view of starry sky in Byurakan