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Whenever you are in Georgia, make sure you take a tour to wonderful Borjomi famous for its mineral water industry. As soon as you get to this famous resort you will understand why its recreational mineral sources do not even need a special introduction. 
Get a chance to visit Borjomi – Kharagauli protected area which is one of the largest national parks in Europe. Choose from huge variety of activities including horse riding, hiking, biking, etc. and enjoy your rest to the fullest. 
Travel and back in time and appear in 13th century by visiting Rabati fortress situated in just a few miles from Borjomi. The fortress has seen a lot and absorbed the tracks of different cultures and religions by becoming a real cultural city center. 
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  • Enjoy the nature and of course the taste of the famous mineral water and city – Borjomi
  • Travel back in various stages of history and take a closer look to the cultural Rabati Fortress
  • Have amazing experience in one of the biggest national parks
  • Find out why the Green Monastery got its name and get to know its architecture