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Do you want to be introduced to the most ancient city in Georgia located in a beautiful valley of the Rioni river? Then you definitely need to take the tour to Kutaisi that Localz offers. 
You will be taken to UNESCO world heritage site Bagrati Cathedral built by the first king of United Georgia, where you will get a little bit closer to the history of Georgia. After which another UNESCO world heritage site Gelati Monastic complex will be visited which represents the flourishing medieval architecture of Georgia. 
Do you have a wish? Great! While visiting Motsameta monastery apart from enjoying the breathtaking views make sure to crawl three times under the tomb of the martyrs to make your wish come true. According to locals it never fails. So, why don’t you give a try? 
Remember the legend of Prometheus? You will get a chance to visit the cave where according to the legend he was chained. 
Awesome, right? Then make sure to request the tour to Kutaisi to get quotes from the awesome tour guides! No obligation! 100% money back guarantee!
  • Get to know Kutaisi the most ancient city of Georgia located on the shores of beautiful Rioni river
  • Discover 2 amazing UNESCO world heritage sites – Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastic Complex
  • Make a wish in Motsameta Monastery and later let us know if it came true